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Work ethic is everything to Kelvin Kaemingk.  Kelvin has over two decades of helping people with their finances and he loves every minute and challenge.  He began his career in financial planning and migrated into mortgage lending because he prefers to help people plan and advance during their lives rather than simply focusing on retirement and final years.  As the father of three, coach, team builder and recruiter, Kelvin thrives on helping others realize their potential, noting that "He's everyone's biggest cheerleader."
He enjoys helping his Realtor partners and lending colleagues build their teams and business as much as he appreciates the honor of helping consumers with their financing.  Kelvin and his "My Smarter Mortgage Team" understand the challenges consumers have at all stages of their lives, saying, "We understand you because we are you!"  The team members represent all the ages and stages of the people  they serve and share Kelvin's commitment and dedication.
 At Your Service
Customer service just isn't enough for Kelvin Kaemingk.  In addition to his thriving mortgage practice with his My Smarter Mortgage Team, Kelvin also serves as Regional Vice President for American Mortgage & Equity Consultants (AMEC) and works with originators and branches on increasing and improving production and service.
A natural coach in sports and business, Kelvin uses his experience and penchant for creating systems and tools to help individuals and teams of his colleagues and Realtor partners to grow their business.  "Service" to his company and colleagues is simply part of who Kelvin is and he believes that helping others succeed is an integral part of what is necessary to succeed himself.  Self-described as "Everybody's cheerleader," Kelvin is happy to use the belief he has in the abilities of others to help them progress their goals.
Chalk Talk Radio Show 
Kelvin has a weekly radio show to help inform and keep people updated on current market rates, trends, predictions in the St. Paul - Minneapolis market. 



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